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Hiring A Maid Finding the right domestic helper for you and your family.

Handpicked Maids For Your Specific Needs

Handpicked Maids For Your Specific Needs Each home is unique, just like yours. We begin by getting to know your family’s needs which helps us find the best domestic helper for you. Based on what you need, we pick out maids who would be a good fit. These chosen maids will undergo relevant trainings, so they’re ready to care for your family from day one.

Hire A Maid In Simple 3 Steps

Step 1

Speak To Our Experienced Specialist

Connect with our experienced team to discuss your family’s unique needs and preferences for domestic help.

Step 2

Choose The Right Domestic Helper

Browse through our diverse selection of pre-screened, trained maids from various countries, and select the one that best suits your needs.

Step 3

Let Us Settle The Paperwork

Once you’ve made your choice, we handle the administrative work, from paperwork to immigration procedures, ensuring a smooth hiring process.

Direct Hiring Vs Hiring from Agency ?

This is the most common faced headache when potential Employers start their first hiring process. Today we will break down the difference of this and also give a detailed insight on why hiring through an agency is a much better to most employers.

Direct Hiring
The main difference here is potential employers always have the mindset that they will save on agency fees and the application process and the process can be done by themselves, However they will still need to spend on the statutory requirements and the transport cost involved.

Hiring through Agency
Hiring through an agency may cost between 200 to 1500 for the agency fees, but if the helper is returned to the agency within 6 months and there is no replacement, the agency will have to refund 50% of the agency fees to the employer. The Employer will also need to pay on behalf of the helper between 1 month to 6 months loan repayment to the agency for the helper and this amount will be deducted from the helpers first one to six month loan respectively.

Common Cost

The rest of the cost that employer need to bear will be the Application cost, Issuance of the permit, Insurance and Security bond, Air Ticket, Medical check up and the SIP cost for new helpers.

Direct Hiring

Potential Employers will first need to find trustworthy source to start the choosing process for the helpers. After choosing, they will also need to ensure that the helper is medically fit to start work in Singapore as if they are found to be unfit when doing their medical checkup in Singapore, they cannot work and will need to be send back at Employers own cost. After finalizing the candidate, the employer will still need to proceed with the logistic end of the application ensuring the candidate reaches Singapore.

The employer will need to pick up the helper from the airport, send them for the full medical check up, ensuring the security bond is in the MOM system before the helper arrival in Singapore, Sending them for the SIP and also issuing their work permit before they can start work. This whole process takes up precious time and a lot of travelling around.

Hiring through Agency

The Agency will let the employer choose between different helpers that suits their needs and also provide advises on which type of helpers will be more appropriate for the job scope needed. After the selection process ends, The Agency will take care of all the process and hand over the helper to the employer only once the helper is able to start work under MOM laws. The agency will also be around to help both the helper and Employer if there is any counselling needed and the agency may also send down staff to the employer house to do guidance if needed.

3.Problem Solving

Direct Hire
All issues between the helper and the Employer has to be resolved within themselves and if things cannot work out, Employer may need to send helper back to the Country of Origin

Hiring through Agency

Agency will have specialize staff to handle and help the employer and helper to settle down and also resolve basic communication issues. If things cannot be resolved, agency will also give replacement for the employer and handle all issues for employers according to the contract between both parties.

Final note for consideration

Its always a balance as the Employer may save some money from Direct hiring of a Maid, but they will need to spend time on the initial phrase compared to hiring to agencies. But as we progress in this society, time is something that we cannot spare too much, such to the rise of convenience where we pay a slight premium to save our time.

Furthermore, if through Direct Hiring, all issues regarding the helper and Employer will need to be settled by themselves and this may be too much of a hassle for some. Hiring through agency will make things easier as agency will be there for both Employer and Helper to help them resolve all issues.

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